Warmly welcome to read my English blog! The governments in the earth are beginning to exchange UFO knowledge in their informal and official meetings.

The E.T.s have left objects/artifacts on planet earth that have become more and more discoverable. The large Meditation Centers will be established around the world, the space crafts of the aliens emerges overhead and will land.

Extra-terrestrial beings want to give a lot of information and technological know-how to people. Future computers will display live space images by zoom opportunity and consist of X-ray features. Human will know about the existence of the other chemical elements of the space.

A huge crystals are placed in hospitals, nursing centers and all places in the future where human are taken care of. Some members of Intelligence Service will step out of the organization for reasons of conscience, sense of honor and rightness. The oil trade is dirty business across countries and will end. The energy reading of things, people, events etc. is being widely taught in schools around the world soon.

The Congress between E.T. and humans is being held in the future, in public. The main issues on the agenda are an exchange student system of this solar system, opportunity of boarding and settling down to the E.T. ships and technical and scientific advices of aliens. The alien`s computer science, tracking system is set inside of some people. There is also a good meaning of that.

Around 100 different type of races from outer space are incarnated and are in a human or human-like body in here planet earth. They are highly telepathic and are working especially in engineering, finance, educational, medical, science and technical area. Mantis-Insectoid alien says that the humans don`t survive without their help and an intervention for life-existence of them as well they have planted the elements of new life here in planet earth. This project is currently underway. Everyone in here will see the alien`s spaceships. Ships appear a lot in the formation. It`s a time for disclosure. The authorities will speak to the press on the existence of spacecrafts and beings. The way humans are cured and diagnosed will change a lot in the future. A duration of examination and operation will be cut down as well due to premium technology. The E.T. basements are located under the earth, are in contact with each other, those are activating itself. E.T. knowledge (know-how) is being widely and highly written by our new school books in the future.


November 5, 2020


December 2, 2020